What Equipment Do You Need To Play Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey is a great sport, and it is very important to have all the equipment to play it well. The players also need to have safety equipment to stay safe from any kind of injuries. Now, if you have recently started playing this game and looking to buy new hockey equipment, then a common question that pops up is “What equipment do I need to play ice hockey?”. In this article, you will get answers to this and more aspects related to ice hockey equipment. 

What should I expect from Ice Hockey?

ice hockey equipment

Ice Hockey is an immensely popular sport. The most popular league i.e., NHL or the National Hockey League in the U.S.A. and Canada is the crowd’s favorite. While playing ice hockey, it is natural to make new friends, burn calories and learn new skills. At the same time, you should be prepared to protect yourself from injuries.

This is played on ice amongst two teams, and each team comprises around six players. The players get points in this game by shooting a puck in the goal that is defended by a goalie. The work of the goalie is to stop the puck from reaching the goal, and those are some serious hard shots, so he wears special gear to keep himself safe. Whether you are a team player or a goalie, it is important to wear protective gear or equipment to be safe from the hard hits. 

What hockey equipment do you need to play safely?

ice hockey equipment

The players use multiple ice hockey equipment apart from the hockey stick. Let us read more details about the equipment used in ice hockey. 

  • Hockey skates – The right skates are significant when playing ice hockey. If the skates are too loose or too tight, the player won’t feel comfortable, and hence you must emphasize choosing well-fitted skates. 
  • Jockstraps – Jockstraps are also known as cup or groin guards. It is essential for the players as it protects their private parts from injury while playing. Usually, you will find that the jockstraps come with velcro attached to the end of them. It is significant because they offer security and support during the game.
  • Garter Belts – This is a suspender worn to ensure that the pant of the player stays in place. The bottom of the belt is attached to the side of the pants, and the top straps are rounded in the player’s waist.  
  • Bags – An ice hockey bag is used by players to store all the equipment they require to wear during the game. There are various types of branded bags in various sizes available in the market. There are bags with wheels and shoulder straps, whatever suits a player. 
  • Helmet – Another important piece of safety equipment you would need while playing is a helmet. There is a greater chance of head injury, and one of the best ways to avoid it is by wearing a helmet. 
  • Mouth Guard – This piece of equipment may not get noticed but is of great importance in the game. Most competitive youth hockey leagues emphasize wearing a mouthguard. Most of the NHL players use this equipment. It is utilized to protect your teeth during the game. This equipment should be used as it can prevent very serious damage caused to the players while at the game. 
  • Laces – Another piece of equipment is the ice hockey laces. There are various laces like the one for ice hockey skates, and the players have their preferences. The laces made of cloth are usually soft and can easily be pulled for tying, but they tend to loosen up easily. While the wax laces are harder to tie but cannot be broken easily. 
  • Shin pads – Next on the list of important ice hockey equipment is shin pads, as they keep the shin-bone area protected from hard hits. However, if you wear improper-sized shin pads, then you may get hit by the puck, and hence, it’s significant to invest in the right-sized shin guard. 
  • Shin tape – This tape is also called clear tape. It is utilized upon the shin guard itself and can also be used to start the hockey sock that covers the pad. It is wrapped around the guard to ensure that the shin pad stays intact in its place and will not get displaced during the game. 
  • Stick Tape: This tape is used upon the stick and blade of the stick. Most of the players get it taped at the top where their hands are placed to not lose grip while they are at the game. 

These are the major ice hockey equipment used by the players to play safely. 

What is goaltending equipment? Give some examples

Goaltending equipment is used by the goalie who stands in front of the goal intending to defend the shots coming through. Now, the shots can be very hard hit, and if not protected, the goalie can face some severe damage. This is why the goaltending equipment is used. Some of the equipment for goalies are chest protectors, helmets, throat protectors, neck protectors or neck guards, hockey elbow pads, chest protectors, shoulder pads, blockers,  gloves, sticks, and pads. All these aim to provide rigid protection and safety to the goalie. 

What are the best hockey gear brands?

There are several hockey gear brands in the market that manufacture the best quality hockey gear and equipment. Some popular brands are CCM for ice hockey, Cooper Canada, Koho, Reebok, Vaughn Hockey, Bauer Hockey, Warrior Sports, and Jofa. 


The safety of the players is important, no matter which game it is. Keeping this in mind, all kinds of ice hockey equipment are available. A player must carry and wear safety equipment to play safely by keeping himself protected. One must not be careless as an injury caused by one hard hit can get serious. So, players must understand the importance of safety gear and enjoy the game to the fullest.