Reasons to Fall in Love with Bangkok

Today, we are talking about the Thai city that is rich in art and bejeweled buildings. In the heart of this vibrant city, we will need a reason to choose it over the others. That might not be hard, especially when your preferences meet certain criteria.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the romance of Bangkok.

The pleasure of home cooking

The common Thai belief and culture are to share food with others. This ritual of eating in a group convinces people of eliminating bad luck in their homes and families. To add, trying every meal in Bangkok tastes great. If you are ambitious, you can head to The Table by Chef Pam with your friends and families. Here, you can combine communicating with people with tasty flavors on your tongue. Enjoy!

Statues with stories

Bangkok holds statutes that have ceremonial history.  A good example is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This Buddha is one of the most famous relics in Thailand.  Instead of understanding the cultures, perceptions, and traditions of authors and gurus like the Sadguru and Alan Watts, you can have a physical experience by visiting the Emerald Buddha. Just make sure you look decent by wearing modest clothes and trousers.

Head to unheard places for food

In Bangkok and Thailand, you can have food everywhere and every time. This is a good thing because you are assured of a great experience everywhere you go- food is good in Bangkok, anywhere and at any time. The foodie in you will also thank you later once you live in the city because of compulsive eating. This practice can also help you meet new places and people and experience the serendipity of life.

Wat Pho

The Old Town of Wat Pho is more than just a place for the old-fashioned people and the geezers. Welcome, to the new venture and hub of historical and cultural museums, cafés, and shops. One additional feature about the place is that it offers fun classes. It is termed the Charm-Learn Studio. Their services range from workshops to painting classes.

The weather

If you have been to California or San Francisco, then you know how the long summers are. Jacket weather is not for people going to Thailand. The sun is present in a large portion of the year, and it is always a little humid for you to put on your beach shorts and tank top. If that’s the case, you will love the tropic weather, especially if you played with snow in your childhood.

It’s stupid cheap

In this context, we are talking about if you have the dollar in your hand. A large percentage of the world’s population places a great value on their money. Being part of the world, know that Thailand is cheap. You can find most food vendors selling at not more than $1. Also, an apartment in Bangkok costs around USD 300 a month and might be bigger than what you need.

Now, that’s one great pat on the back for convenience.


Why not have a taste of what Thailand really has to offer? Visit Thailand is known for gambling and might be a great start to understand how the game works. The majority of gambling in Thailand is underground. However, over 60 percent of the population participates in the game.