Reasons why Private Jets Are Safer than Commercial Flights

Air travel has become a very popular mode of travel. Not only is it more thrilling, but it has become highly convenient and relatively inexpensive, especially if the passengers are looking to cover a great distance in a shorter period of time. There are a variety of options available even in air traveling, making traveling more attractive. Usually, a high percentage of people opt for commercial flights whilst some have the luxury of flying via their own or personally chartered private jets. The option of chartering a private jet has become far more convenient than before as websites like are highly accommodative in this respect.

Apart from the luxurious experience itself, there are some other reasons why people prefer flying via private jets. One of the most prominent reasons for this is with respect to safety and security. Private jets are much safer than commercial airplanes. Here is why.

Every Passenger is Vetted

When booking tickets for a commercial plane, the passengers need to supply only a few basic details. However, in the case of a private jet, things are a lot more complicated than that. The people who board the private jet are often the ones who know each other very well. If this is not the case, then there is still a case of familiarity between the passengers. Before boarding the private jet, all sorts of medical records are checked and in case of discrepancy, there is a need to get the passengers vaccinated as soon as possible. This is done so that each passenger is fully vetted and the environment is safe and secure. Hence, whilst traveling on a private jet, the chances of contracting a virus or any sort of other diseases that may be possible due to human contact will decrease automatically.

Familiar Plane Crew

The best thing about private flights is that passengers are not only usually familiar with one another but also have a fair idea of what the plane crew will be like. Usually, the plane crew including the pilot are well-known and hired privately. This means that the passengers know the exact capabilities and the skills of the pilot. Hence, they feel much safer when boarding private jets. This is not usually the case with commercial flights because each time a different pilot and different members of the crew board the plane.

Fewer Accidents

Records and statistics also show that private jets experience fewer accidents and mishaps compared to commercial airplanes. Whether this is merely a coincidence or there are certain factors that back this up, there is no doubt that passengers in private jets feel much safer than the ones who board the commercial planes. Generally, the clientele boarding the private jets are high profile people like celebrities, businessmen, and industrial tycoons, so the staff makes sure that everything is completely intact and fully functional before boarding the plane. In short, passengers get the VIP treatment on private jets, which might not necessarily be the case on commercial flights.