Safety Tips In Baseball

It is always fun to play baseball, whether it is playing with family and friends or participating in competitions or tournaments. However, the risk of injury can sometimes be as high as the enthusiasm level; hence, one must follow specific rules and safety tips in baseball.

Baseball is the national sport of the United States, and thus it is a popular source of entertainment. It is common to see kids in America start dreaming of becoming famous worldwide players from an adolescent age. To encourage kids to learn and sharpen their skills, many governmental and private authorities and organizations are offering several training programs. These types of training include imparting the rules, strategies, and safety tips.

Why Is Baseball Safety Important?

baseball safety

Even though baseball is not that risky a game to players, you still come across many incidents about injured baseball players. Like any other sport, there are usually two injuries, namely, overuse and impact. The former happens due to the constant or overuse of body parts while playing. Generally affecting the wrist, arm, and shoulder joints because of excessive usage while pitching or batting. The impact injury happens when the player’s body comes in contact with the ground, another player, or is hit by the ball or bat.

At a young age or at high school, pitchers sometimes tend to throw the ball at the speed of 80mph, which may lead to broken bones, painful welts, and brain concussions. Baseball injuries may also happen during uncontrolled and improper ball delivery. Besides, the injury risk increases when players crash land on the field, collision between players while running and batting.

How to Prevent Injuries While Playing Baseball?

Game injuries are very common, especially in games that require a lot of energy, like baseball. Every year, around 125,000 baseball and softball players or more who are under age 15 are injured during the game and require treatment, which can sometimes be serious. Many adults also get injured during the play. However, this can be avoided with the right training and preventive measures. 

Although, playing safe in baseball is not an easy task. The game is played with all passion, and batted balls and crashes in the field are very common in this game, and so there is a greater probability of injuries during the game. And thus, following certain preventive measures and using safety gear can save a player from having a severe injury. Here is a list of some baseball safety measures that one should follow to avoid any accident or injury while playing. 

How to Prepare for a Safe Baseball Game?

  • Safety Gears and proper attire

Wear protective gear like a batting helmet, throat guard, eye shield, foot guards, shin guards, athletic supporters, etc. Apart from these safeguards, it is more comfortable to play in baseball pants. A chest protector or a full-length chest protector is another essential gear that pitchers, batters, or infielders should wear. Choosing the right-sized batting gloves is also important, as it ensures comfort while swinging the bat. Furthermore, ensure that the protective gears you are wearing are of good quality and well-fitted to avoid any troubling situations. Hence, both players and coaches must regularly inspect the gear quality and fitting.

  • Right training

The training sessions where a player is taught methods to protect themselves while pitching, sliding, or dodging is important. These sessions enhance not only the players’ performance but also team coordination and communication.

There are times when players may get an injury by getting hit by the ball. For instance, when the pitcher throws the ball, its pace is relatively high, which may severely hurt the player batting at the time of contact. Also, there are many collision accidents where players may end up running into each other causing injury. Therefore, a baseball coach or the guardian who is giving training must ensure that the players, especially young leagues, are taught ways to avoid getting hurt.

A good trainer must also ensure that players are in good shape and train you to enhance your reflexes. This will not only improve the game but will also prevent injuries during the game.

  • Pitching it right

Including skillful pitching and batting techniques during the teaching. Besides, the learning process of kids or players should also involve methods to effective communication among the team players. Too much pitching can be dangerous. Hence, there are pitch count limits recommended by the U.S.A. Little League and the American Sports Medicine Institute include:

  • 7–8 years old: 50 pitches per day
  • 9–10 years old: 75 pitches per day
  • 11–12 years old: 85 pitches per day
  • 13–16 years old: 95 pitches per day
  • 17–18 years old: 105 pitches per day
  • Past or new injuries

Being energetic and robust while playing is a good thing, but this could be dangerous when not channeled in the right direction. Hence, don’t let go of the situation and immediately reach out to the doctor when you get injured by any means. Also, if you have any past injury and the doctor has asked you to follow specific preventive measures, stick and follow those instructions. For example, if your doctor has advised you to hold onto the practice of throwing your arm for a while. Then it is better to listen to what the doctor is saying; otherwise, it may cause a long-term problem.

What to Do Before Starting the Game?

Your off-field and prior preparations are as crucial as your on-field performance and preventive measure. Even if it is an ordinary high school game of baseball or a national league, proper first aid should always be there in case of an emergency. Normal bruises, cuts, scratches also require attention. Otherwise, there are chances of spreading infections due to dust and dirt in that region. If you are suffering from any pain, do not put much stress into those muscles or play forcefully. Instead, it is recommended to meet the doctor or the medical practitioners.

The warm-up is one of the essential baseball tips. A team coach or parents who are voluntarily teaching their kids this game should make the habit for the player to start with it. This may sound cliche or unnecessary, but it is the other way round. No one should skip the stretching and warm-up session before initiating the game.

What Does it Mean to Have the Right Mindset in Baseball?

Mindset is the psychological aspect; many players work hard and practice a lot, but still don’t have the confidence to bear the pressure. It is all due to a lack of mindsets when stepping inside the field. Having a winning spirit and the right energy can change the dimensions of the game and turn the game in your favor. Moreover, when you are alert and play with your mind and eye open, the player’s focus directly increases, which reflects in the game. Hence, with complete confidence, the chance of baseball injuries also decreases.


Following the baseball safety measures mentioned above, enjoy the game and avoid the risk of injury while playing baseball. If you are a parent or a trainer, emphasize having the right mindset, preparing for the game apart from other aspects.