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What do I need to bring to the airport for a flight

Traveling has become a major part of everyone’s lives. Whether it be for business purposes or for the purpose of mere pleasure, flying to a city or a country has become easier, more convenient, and ultimately cheaper than ever before. Due to globalization, traveling via air has become a necessity and in order to cater to this necessity, using air flights is also very common now. However, one does not simply easily board the plane. Forgoing to the airport and boarding the plane for a particular flight, you need to have certain things without which traveling is near to impossible.

Some of these things that are necessary and you must bring to the airport for a flight include the following.

Passport & Tickets

This is obviously a no-brainer. You cannot board the plane if you do not have your passport in your hands. A valid passport with a legitimate VISA for the specific country you are traveling to is definitely a must. There are several countries for which a VISA is not important but to board the plane, it is an absolute necessity to carry a passport with yourself. The same goes for tickets. If you have previously booked a flight, you must have the tickets with you in physical form or at least a copy of the e-ticket. These two things are really important to have if you are traveling via air.


Do not forget this one! Whether you are going for a couple of days, a week, or a month, you must surely have some sort of luggage with you to carry your belongings with you. Many times, people forget their luggage at home or in their car because they are in such a hurry, but having the luggage with you at all times is absolutely necessary. To avoid the hassle of extra luggage fees, you must always check your flight’s weight limits for the luggage. It is always good to weigh your bags at home before leaving for the airport, with a small luggage scale. In case your luggage is overweight, remove unnecessary items or get ready to pay the extra fees.

Leave Prohibited Items at Home

This is another no brainer. Always ensure that you are not traveling with any prohibited items. Prohibited items like guns, ammunition, excessive alcohol, drugs, or other dangerous items should never be with you if you travel via plane. One

How much money do you need per day in Brazil?

Brazil is indeed one of the most beautiful countries to visit in terms of its rich history, architecture, infrastructure as well as scenic natural beauty. It is full of loving and passionate people who are crazy about their culture, food, and of course, football. Brazil is definitely one of the places to visit especially in summers and it is recommended that the country should be visited for at least 14 to 21 days to fully experience what the country has to offer in great abundance.

Before planning your visit to Brazil, it is very important to make a potential budget for your travel and of course your stay in the country. For this purpose, you must also research on how much money is required per day in a country like Brazil. This is discussed in great detail below.

Without a doubt, the country has a lot to offer in terms of some of the best beaches, stunning scenery, the biggest parties as well as incredible history. Indeed, if planned correctly, traveling in Brazil can be really rewarding. It costs on average around 20 to 25 US Dollars a day if you really want to get the maximum enjoyment in Brazil. For a good 15 days, this totals to around the US $300. The cost breakdown of this estimate is provided in detail below.

Cost Breakdown

If you are tight on a budget, you can always get a bed in a shared room in a hostel or a motel that would charge around 10 – 15 US Dollars. This is a good option because having a shared room means you will get to interact with other people and also travel a lot to explore the entire country since you only arrive in your room for the night’s stay. This could total up to around $150 and is definitely one of the major parts of the overall budget.

The next is food. You can always opt for the cheaper food in this case as well. Having a quick meal on a daily basis is also a good idea. If you do not really want to spend a lot of money on food, a sandwich with a drink in any local café is good. This would cost around $3 – $5. This does not mean that you do not eat any expensive food throughout the journey. You can always opt for the specials

4 Best Hotels of Guarulhos

Guarulhos is a beautiful city. It is located near the most famous cities in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Guarulhos has a lot to offer, especially if you are visiting the city as a traveler and a tourist. Apart from the rich culture of the city, there are a lot of places within the city that offer delicious street food and the city is also home to the country’s spectacular lakes, parks as well as wildlife zoos. It is also home to the Cantareira State Park which preserves a tract of the famous tropical Atlantic forest. Guarulhos also consists of breathtaking natural views, some of which include waterfalls, jungles, hiking trails, and other recreational areas.

Without a doubt, Guarulhos is a city to visits at least once in a lifetime. However, one must be really wary of the place to stay and therefore must choose the best hotels to stay in Guarulhos. Since there is little advertising and promotion of the city as a whole, compared to some of Brazil’s other cities, tourists are usually unaware of Guarulhos’s hotels and motels.

So let us have a look at four of the best hotels of Guarulhos that are not only spectacular in terms of their services but also are significantly lighter on the pocket compared to other hotels.

Hotel Panamby Guarulhos

Panamby hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the city. It is a beautiful hotel situated approximately 5 to 6 kilometers from the Bosque Mala Park. It is also over 5 kilometers away from the city’s Municipal Zoo and finally is situated only 10 kilometers away from the city’s international airport; the Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo. The rooms of the hotel are significantly larger in size and the hotel offers premium services for its valued customers. The best thing about the hotel is that it offers more than what it charges for. The Hotel Panamby only charges US$45 per night for one single room which can easily accommodate three customers.

Pullman São Paulo Guarulhos Airport

The Pullman Hotel is situated in the Airport and is one of the few 5-star hotels in the city. The hotel is primarily for its luxurious setting and premium services. Apart from great customer service, the hotel also has huge rooms, open kitchens, recreational areas, a private casino as well as a huge swimming pool for its guests. Due to its services, the night

Best places in Guarulhos

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in the country of Brazil. Brazil is known especially for its natural scenery, rich culture, amazing food, hospitable people, and of course the unparalleled love for football. Guarulhos is one city in Brazil that is known for its beauty and wildlife. It is a city located near Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil. As far as traveling is concerned, it is definitely recommended that the city of Guarulhos be visited at least once in a lifetime because it offers a unique experience in terms of its culture, infrastructure, wildlife as well as scenic beauty.

Guarulhos is a city filled with different places to visit for recreation as well as site seeing. It offers visitors a lot of different options. Here we discuss some of the best places to visit in the city of Guarulhos.

State Park Cantareira

The State Park Cantareira is indeed the very first name that comes to mind when talking about the city of Guarulhos. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known parks in Brazil. People from all over the globe come to Guarulhos just to visit the park. It offers a full-day tour experience and is filled with unique recreational activities like hiking, boating trailing and eating street food etc. It is definitely a must visit place if you make your way to the city of Guarulhos soon.

Morro Do Nhangussu

This is another place that offers unique yet breathtaking views of mother nature. This place is located in the remote areas of Guarulhos. The people who visit the place get an eagle eye’s view of the entire city of Guarulhos. Many visitors have picnics at this scenic spot and if you are looking to take great photos of yourself or your friends surrounded by stunning views of mother nature, this is definitely the place to be in Guarulhos.

Neo Geo

The Neo Geo is an amazing amusement park that is filled with fun rides and other street entertainment. This place is especially entertaining for kids and teenagers as it offers a lot of fun and out of the box, activities to spend leisure time in. Go Carts, Bumper Cars, Ships, Arcade, and 3D Venture Rides are just some amazing things that one can experience in this amazing amusement park. The place also offers hiking and trailing activities as well.

Kangoo Park

Unlike its name, which

What do I need to travel to Brazil?

Traveling is a very fun activity indeed. It not only relaxes you physically but also provides you with mental relaxation as well. Whilst there are many countries to be considered for travel, a lot of tourists have now turned their attention towards traveling to Brazil to indulge in recreational activities and enjoy the country’s breathtaking and stunning views. Its nature and historic infrastructure coupled with rich culture and amazing street food is something that really makes it one of the best places to visit whether it be summers or winters.

The ones who travel to Brazil often face the dilemma of knowing what exactly is required to travel to the said country. Unlike other countries, traveling to Brazil can be a hard task considering all the legal and political complications involved in the travel to Brazil. Here is the complete guide to finding out what exactly is required for traveling to Brazil.

Documents required for traveling to Brazil

For the purpose of traveling to Brazil, you will firstly need a valid Passport. Whether you are from the United States of America or any other country, you can never enter Brazil without a valid passport. As far as the visa requirements are concerned, citizens of some countries do not need a visa to enter Brazil. Now, the citizen of the United States does not require a visa to travel to Brazil. However, it must be taken into account that the particular tourist must only be a tourist and must not have any intentions of settling down permanently in Brazil/

As of 16th June 2019, the government of Brazil has implemented a visa-free regime. Now, it has been made possible that travelers can enter the country to stay for at least 3 months. This can be extended to a total of six months. However, there are some things that must be kept in mind by the traveler if he or she intends to stay in the country for less than 90 days.

Firstly, the stay should be less than 180 days within an extensive 12-month period. Secondly, the traveler must have a passport document that is legally correct and has no issues, with at least one blank page for a visa. The traveler must also hold significant proof of enough funds so that there is no doubt with regards to the traveler’s stay in the country. It is also a necessary