Flight Safety and Cards for Passengers?

Several studies conducted by MIT indicate that the risk of airline fatality decreases by a factor of two every two decades. This is good news to those of us who feel insecure boarding a flight. So, why not get that Jet Card and conquer your fears?

This is a subscription that allows you to use an aircraft at fixed hourly rates. Airlines are in charge of allocating you a commercial pilot who will be later paid for the services offered. Often, the pilots are well trained and the aircrafts well services to ensure your safety and create confidence.

A study conducted by Dr. Arnold Barnett of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that the rate of a fatal accident was one in 7 million from the year 1975 to 1995. This safely indicates that the rate of experiencing a fatal flight accident is very low. So if flying is safe, why not to check what are the cards available for passengers.

Custom card

This is most friendly for individuals who know their schedules prior and are likely to travel over the same route severally.

They range from $20,000 to $150,000. The major advantage of using this type of card is that one is guaranteed accessibility at any time.

Another reason why one might opt for the Custom Card is, all the rates are fixed and are paid by the card. In case you incur any additional cost, the card will pay for it.

It caters to both hourly and fixed rates under one package.

Dynamically priced card

A dynamic card enables one to fly conveniently based on the prices in the market.

In case an airline does not meet the specific requirements, your card can cover you for another flight without extra costs.

Most people opt for this choice as they can make deposits prior to their flights and when the market rates suit their budget, they can take a flight.

It is also the best option as one can easily determine when to book a flight before the prices influx especially with the holidays.

The standard charter-based card

Here, the customer is charged per fixed hours and destination by paying prior to a flight.

As time goes by, a charter deducts money from the customer’s account.

Chartered flights are easily flexible, as one can make a booking at the last minute and take a flight. However, this is not guaranteed as not all times one gets to change or reschedule a flight.

In case you need a bigger flight for a family vacation or a team-building activity, this is probably the best option as your broker can find an aircraft to suit your preference.

Mileage-based pricing card



With mileage-based pricing, one pays for the distance instead of the time spent on air.

The advantage is the further you fly, the lower the per-mile cost. There is additional honesty as the prices are determined by algorithms.

With this offer, your flight is safe and there will be no surprises of any additional costs.

Here, one does not have to pay a membership fee or any extra costs incurred

In conclusion, a Jet Card is safe to use and travel with. Get one today!