Instagram Stories Hacks You Need To Know In 2021

It’s been a long time since we’ve had the swipe-up sticker or IGTV (now called Instagram Video). On the other side, Instagram Stories is here to stay. Even if Reels continues to govern our feeds, there is still a need for this temporary content type. To share material that is both casual and entertaining, 500 million individuals are expected to use Instagram Stories each day by 2021. There is just one problem with Stories’ popularity: You may be unsure of how to stand out in the crowd. Despite this, it is feasible to write compelling stories that keep your audience glued to their seats. You may learn multiple methods to rethink your Instagram Stories strategy by reading this post.

Adding Photos to a Video

When creating a Story, did you realize you could use photographs and videos? Use this method to add a layer of meaning and context to your images! Swipe up on the video in the gallery to see the tart. Using the drop-down menu, choose Stickers from the list. To use an image in your Instagram Story, choose one that you like most. When you choose an image, you’ll see the movie overlaid over it. It may be resized and positioned to meet your specific requirements.

Use Your Brand Colors

Instagram comes with a limited color palette by default, but you may customize it to meet your brand’s look by expanding the color options. The Instagram Story’s brush tool may be used. The bottom-of-the-screen color circles may be pressed and held. You’ll see a color picker on the right side of the screen. Your company’s identity and aesthetic preferences should be taken into consideration while selecting a color. You may also upload a photo into your Story and use the eyedropper to choose the exact shade that you’re searching for instead of using the eyedropper. An image of your brand kit, with all of its colors, might be incredibly helpful in this situation.

Create a Textured Background for Posting Content

In order to make a feed item more visually appealing, you might utilize an interesting backdrop. Take a screenshot and trim it to show just the content of a feed post before posting it in your Stories. Afterward, click on the “Add post to your Story” option at the bottom of the original post’s share button. The feed post should be able to occupy the whole width of the display. Your final Instagram Story scene will include a link back to your original post, making it easier for others to find your content. Set the scene with a photo or pattern from your camera roll. As the last step, copy and paste your screenshot.

From IGTV (now renamed Instagram Video) to the swipe-up sticker, many Instagram features have come and gone throughout time. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, is here to stay. Still, there is a place for this transitory content form, even if Reels continue to dominate our feeds, Instagram Stories will be used by 500 million people every day, giving it the ideal platform for sharing informal, behind-the-scenes material that keeps your audience interested. The only drawback to Stories’ growing ubiquity? You may not know how to make yourself stand out. Check out famous Instagrammers and get inspiration from them. That being said, it’s possible to craft fascinating video stories that your audience can’t help but keep watching. Follow the link if you have questions like how to change background on Instagram story, and read a great article that will help you in your Insta journey to success.