Best places in Guarulhos

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in the country of Brazil. Brazil is known especially for its natural scenery, rich culture, amazing food, hospitable people, and of course the unparalleled love for football. Guarulhos is one city in Brazil that is known for its beauty and wildlife. It is a city located near Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil. As far as traveling is concerned, it is definitely recommended that the city of Guarulhos be visited at least once in a lifetime because it offers a unique experience in terms of its culture, infrastructure, wildlife as well as scenic beauty.

Guarulhos is a city filled with different places to visit for recreation as well as site seeing. It offers visitors a lot of different options. Here we discuss some of the best places to visit in the city of Guarulhos.

State Park Cantareira

The State Park Cantareira is indeed the very first name that comes to mind when talking about the city of Guarulhos. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known parks in Brazil. People from all over the globe come to Guarulhos just to visit the park. It offers a full-day tour experience and is filled with unique recreational activities like hiking, boating trailing and eating street food etc. It is definitely a must visit place if you make your way to the city of Guarulhos soon.

Morro Do Nhangussu

This is another place that offers unique yet breathtaking views of mother nature. This place is located in the remote areas of Guarulhos. The people who visit the place get an eagle eye’s view of the entire city of Guarulhos. Many visitors have picnics at this scenic spot and if you are looking to take great photos of yourself or your friends surrounded by stunning views of mother nature, this is definitely the place to be in Guarulhos.

Neo Geo

The Neo Geo is an amazing amusement park that is filled with fun rides and other street entertainment. This place is especially entertaining for kids and teenagers as it offers a lot of fun and out of the box, activities to spend leisure time in. Go Carts, Bumper Cars, Ships, Arcade, and 3D Venture Rides are just some amazing things that one can experience in this amazing amusement park. The place also offers hiking and trailing activities as well.

Kangoo Park

Unlike its name, which gives a very natural and outgoing vibe, this is an indoor place for amusement that offers fun activities for both kids and young adults. The Kangoo Park is known especially for its jumping castles, trampolines as well as other jumping activities that will surely make you go bonkers with fun and entertainment

Vila Jacui

The last place to visit in this list is Vila Jacui. This is an amazing state-of-the-art skateboard park that offers a great variety in terms of fun and entertaining outdoor activities.